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Sinterklaas / Santa goes International

From now on it's Sinterklaas / X-mas everyday with our Generators

Deal with the Netherlands:

Only my partner Black Pete is Black. All the others can be of all colours.

And Black Pete and I will make this world happy again.


The Suprise (yourself)  Generator for young and old

Other Generators will follow soon.

Our first mission: Prosperity and happyness everywhere in 2019.


Our Tool: See

Phase 1: Step on the Love Train in Choir, Raggea & Dance version


Love Train

Phase 2: X-mas / Sinterklaas Card for every one.


Phase 3:

It is Alfred's Law that rules the Intelligent Cosmos (IC) :

(un)Serendipity goes with the (in)Efficient !


Launching of The World Trade Port


Mail me at: sinterklaas(at)Santa(dot)one

Sinterklaas/Santa & Black Pete go international